connects a public network of Data-driven Environmental Actions 

tackling the Planet` s most pressing issues of Littering Street.

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Street Litter Clean-Up




Hours of Clean-up


KM of Data-Plogging
Data-Driven Environmental Impact for all

We host a data-based environmental cleanup activity that picks up garbage and records environmental data in the "" web app.

Share Measurable Impact

Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR)

Activate employee campaigns that promote good impact and CSR initiatives.
Create, measure and share your company's environmental impact with the MissionClear platform.
Easy and convenient employee access. Continue safe social contribution for non-face-to-face work teams.

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Governments / Cities / Social Sectors

Through data-plogging, the location, type, and time of garbage are measured and monitored.
Communities Connect communities to create positive environmental value.

Collect, map, and visualize environmental activity data to demonstrate organizational impact.

Public, 1365

Through data plogging in daily life, you can smartly conduct social contribution activities.
Measure the number of garbage, distance, etc., and share your positive influence with the '#ItaSeoul' tag.

If you need volunteer certification, please refer to the link "1365 Ita Seoul Social Contribution Program".

"We do not throw away trash

Instead, We CATCH it."

It should be the nature of

Humanity on this Planet."

- "TEAM CSV",  itaseoul -

Activate Campaigns

Mobilize Successful Employee Engagement.

Activate Employee Engagement Campaigns That Creates An Environmental Impact & Promote CSR Initiatives. Engage your people & Attract new people to your organization & brand.

Measure & Report Social Impact with Environmental KPI.

Create, measure, & share your company’s impact with the MissionClear Platform Monitoring the Type & Amount and local impact of Contribution.

Simple and Easy to Admin your company’s campaigns.

Simple to setup and admin your company’s campaigns for in person and remote work teams.

 Brand of ITA is

Certified NPO of "1%for the Planet" , located in Seoul, South Korea

  • Eligible Organization for Tax Deduction (Domestic)
  • Able to Accept in-kind donations of products or services 
  • Provide Volunteering Opportunities 200 people monthly
  • Event Sponsorship, Volunteering and Employee Engagement Campaign